Nicole McLean Launches Two New Product Lines

Do. Or do not. There is no try.  

The crazy thing about being me is that I bump along in my life and I just do the things that I feel called to do or that I want to do. I just do them. I think about things for a long time. Often, by the time something becomes public information it has been simmering in my spirit for months, sometimes years. Because of that long simmer, these ideas and concepts just become another "thing" that I am working on. But I rarely think of telling people about them.

Sounds crazy right? I know... it is bizarre. I'm working on that.

I'm so freaked out EXCITED to announce the two product lines that are near and dear to my heart.

Audacity Tees

Old School, Uppity, #BlackTwitter, My Fabulous Boobies | Audacity Tees
A sample of some of the shirts available from Audacity Tees

I wear t-shirts every day. I kid a lot about my new work uniform making me look like I belong in kindergarten - t-shirt, jeans, classic sneakers - but in all honesty I LOVE that I can be super casual every day and comfortable. Because I wear t-shirts daily, I am always looking for shirts that are a little different and that reflect my personal style or my philosophies about life.

Audacity Tees are social media, bloggeristic, old school hip-hop, black lives matter, breast cancer survivor FUN. (That is a lot to say at one time, whew!) New shirt styles are created and introduced all the time. Join the email list to join the party. Sign up below and watch your inbox for information about the latest tees, coupons, giveaways, specials... all the fun stuff.

Pink Fabulously - A subscription box service for survivors

When I was going through chemotherapy, my immune systems was terribly weakened. My then-boyfriend used to gift me fresh flowers every week (before I was diagnosed) but after I started chemo, I really couldn't have the flowers around me. One time, a former co-worker sent me a basket of fresh fruit as a gift. I ended up giving the basket away because I couldn't have the fresh fruit around me. The challenge was that my immune system was so weakened that fresh flowers, fresh fruit, small children and public spaces put me in a major risk for infections.

I was told by my oncologist not to continue to wear my acrylic nails and not to chemically color (or relax) my hair. When I did a bit of research I learned that the chemicals used in nail products and the chemicals used in hair products often included chemicals that were toxic and had links to breast cancer or hormone-disruption. My breast cancer was estrogen-driven, so anything that would disturb my hormones and possibly trigger my estrogen to produce more than normal put me at risk of recurrence.

As I learned more about the types of ingredients in certain very normal products, and in some food items, I realized that it can be a nightmare trying to figure out what is good for a survivor and what isn't. Add to that, survivors and patients can often need or desire things that people outside of the breast cancer community may not be aware of... and I thought..."We need a way to make gift-giving easier for survivors". I came up with the idea of Pink Fabulously a few years ago, but I was afraid to give it a try. (Just being honest)

However, I find myself answering questions and making gift suggestions quite a bit. One day it clicked that making it easier for people to support their loved ones and friends with breast cancer could be even easier with an easily purchasable gift.

Enter Pink Fabulously.

Pink Fabulously is a subscription gift box service - similar to Birchbox or Dollar Shave Club - but the curated items are all items that are suitable for breast cancer survivors. Pink Fabulously is a way to show your love to someone who means a lot to you, while being sensitive to their very specific needs as a breast cancer survivor. If you're interested in being on the mailing list for information about Pink Fabulously, fill out the form below.

You can see the Pink Fabulously launch page here:
Pink Fabulously

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