What You Need For Your Chemo/Treatment Bag (Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients)

Chemo Day Tote Bag Graphic | Fabulous Boobies Blog by Nicole McLean

What to take with you to chemo (or for your treatment day) when you may be there all day!

Guest Post: I Need a Breast Biopsy. What Does that Mean?

I need a breast biopsy. What does that mean? | FabulousBoobies.com by Nicole McLean - My Fabulous Boobies

I Need a Breast Biopsy. What Does that Mean?

You have just finished your annual mammogram, but this time, something doesn’t feel right. A few minutes ago, the technologist asked you to get dressed and sit in this little room by yourself. The radiologist wants to speak with you, she said. In all the years you’ve been coming here, you’ve never spoken with the radiologist before. As you look at the walls, your mind begins to fill with questions: What did they see on the pictures? Is this the moment when everything changes? Will you be able to make it to your son’s graduation, your daughter’s wedding, the birth of your first grandchild?

How I Dealt With The Diagnosis Of My Best Friend

**This post was originally written in 2012. It has been expanded and updated as necessary.** 

Super Survivor Know-It-All aka Been There Done That, This Will Be Easy!

Remember that you are the boss in your breast cancer treatment

You are the boss breast cancer treatment | My Fabulous Boobies - Nicole McLean [woman holding mug that reads like a boss]

*Update 11/2017*  I wrote this 1 year into my breast cancer treatment. I was exhausted but needed to make a decision about surgery. I struggled with my anxiety about making the wrong decision throughout my treatment period. I finally figured out what steps I needed to take to reduce my anxiety and focus on the decisions I needed to make. 

It's perfectly normal to be overwhelmed when fighting breast cancer

How To Know If You Have Breast Cancer

The #1 Way To Know If You Have Breast Cancer 

20+ UNCOMPLICATED Ways To Comfort Your Breast Cancer Survivor Friend

20+ Ways To Comfort A Breast Cancer Survivor | My Fabulous Boobies [black woman in a blue floral skirt, white shirt and black heels leaning to the left]
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Do you really know how to help her? Without making it all about you?

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