my nails are making me miserable

Chemotherapy is a real pain in the ass. The side effects are really tiresome and annoying...

I suppose I'm being ungrateful. Chemotherapy is saving my life and I am happy and thrilled about that.

I haven't been posting much -- though there is a lot on my mind -- because it hurts to type. My nails are a wreck and my fingertips are really painful. I mentioned awhile back that my nail beds were discolored, as though they were bruised. Well... now it seems that the discoloration is leading to the loss of my nails. The nails are peeling a little and lifting which is not a pretty sight.

I have a lot on my mind and I'll share it in a few days. I just need to process it a little more before I let you in on it. But, I'm still here... just thinking and praying and crying...

Have a blessed day -- God is amazing.


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