No cancer showed up on my pathology reports

I am giddy with excitement. My oncologist shared with me yesterday, that my pathology report (done after my mastectomy) showed NO CANCER left in my breast tissue or in my lymph nodes.


I still have to go through radiation therapy and that's fine. But right now, I'm grateful that the steps that have been taken thus far worked well. Better than even my doctors imagined. Basically what it means (to my understanding) is that I've gone from a girl who had breast cancer tumors of a large enough size and in multiple locations that the surgeons did not want to operate out of fear of either spreading the cancer throughout my body or having to remove so much of my body that I might have been left disfigured. So, we opted for a course of chemotherapy first with the hopes that it would shrink the tumors sufficiently that surgery could be done easily and with no disformity.

There was no cancer seen in my breast or in my removed lymph nodes. So the course of action worked spectacularly. I am still going to go through radiation to ensure that there isn't even 1 cell of cancer left. And then I move on to hormone treatment for 5 years.

I am excited. I am so very hopeful. I hope that for others who are going through this -- they find hope and strength in the possibility that my new prognosis can be theirs very soon.

I will now start working on improving my strength and getting myself back to 100% so that I can return to work, return to socializing and start travelling. :)

My birthday is coming up and dammit I'm celebrating.

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