Can I get a day off from breast cancer?

You ever just wish you could take a day off from your life? Just... wake up one morning, handle your morning ritual, get dressed and then spend the day doing or thinking about anything you want? I want a day off from breast cancer.

Seriously. One whole day where I don't get misty-eyed when I think about someone losing a loved one to this disease. One day where I am not worried about the recurrence of breast cancer. One day where my lymphedema doesn't get on my nerves, make my arm heavy or generally just suck. One day where I'm not worrying about compression sleeves or pills... just one day off.


My lymphedema is acting up. My arm is swelling and I don't know why. I've done all I can do on my own which means that I have to head back to physical therapy. *sigh* I don't want to do that. And the honest to goodness truth is that I don't want to pay for it. I don't want to think about mammograms and MRI's. I want to sleep through the night without night sweats. And I'd like to get through an entire day without hot flashes.

I want out of this nightmare. Its too much. *sigh* But since I haven't figured out how to time travel... I guess I have to keep working on managing the side effects and accepting that the side effects are worth the opportunity to still be here.

Some days being superwoman is tiresome. Today, I'm tired and I'd just like a day off.

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