Dating chronicles: London has some pretty sights (men!)

[Idris Elba might be the new James Bond. How's that for wonderful?]
I was blessed beyond measure recently. Beyond, beyond, beyond my wildest dreams actually. I was invited to London to participate in a blogger event and a breast cancer awareness campaign celebration by Siemens. It was the first time for me to visit London. And while I didn't get to see much, I did enjoy London.

Awhile back (I can't remember if it was a year ago or longer) I remember reading a blog article where a British sister was really confused about the fascination that American women had with Idris Elba. One comment stood out for me at the time, and I'll have to paraphrase (since I can't find the original blog entry). She said that she did not understand our attraction to him because he was rather "ordinary" looking to her. She stated that she saw men who looked like Idris every day on the tube.

*gasp*  Can you imagine?

Well, I couldn't. And then I went to London. And well... she's right. MY GAWD! My time in London was short, I didn't have a lot of free time but during the only time I got to venture out on my own, I was bombarded by how absolutely incredible and delicious the men looked. No, really. Freaking incredible. Now, perhaps it was the "vacation goggles"... you know, the way that you see that guy when you're on vacation and he looks so wonderful and then when you get home and talk to him again... eh? None of that greatness translates to your real life. Yeah, well, it could have been that. But I tell you what... just seeing all those "Idrises" walking around definitely made me start thinking about dating again.

I've been so heads down, focused on the blog and the start-up that even thinking about dating has seemed like too much work. Which is a shame because dating is wonderful when done right. Hmm... that's an oxymoron. "dating done right"

Any hoo... I think its time for me to get back out there and start dating again. I have a date for this weekend scheduled, but since I came home from London with a terrible cold, I believe that I should cancel. Which is sad because the guy came up with a great idea for our date. Not the usual dinner or drinks. I was really looking forward to the date. Curse this darn cold (but I really feel miserable).
[Idris Elba as Stringer Bell, courtesy of HBO]

In honor of my great trip to London and all the beautiful men that I saw along the way, I will break out my dvd collection of The Wire this weekend and revisit my love of Stringer Bell. *deep sigh*  Even though he played a drug dealer, Stringer was dreamy.  (smile)

I've got to get back to London. Maybe my dating luck will be different in another country. You think?

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