It is my joy to help you understand

Let me help you understand this breast cancer life

I just read a very insightful blog post about dating someone with metastatic breast cancer. I will share that blog post in another post. The discussion was deep and candid and moving. As a single girl, dating with this disease was a huge concern for me when I was diagnosed and while I went through treatment. But after reading it, it occurred to me that I needed to approach my blog in a slightly different way. People need to understand the basic parts about this life. And that's where I think I fit in. 

Cancer is a huge disease

There is soooo much to know and learn about this disease and this world. The cancer world is vast and huge. Each cancer is different. And there are about 100 different diseases that fall under the umbrella term "cancer". So, let me be clear up front:  I am NOT a breast cancer expert. I am neither a clinician nor a researcher. I am not a medical doctor, not an oncologist, nor a psychologist. I am not a social worker or a support group leader. 

I survived breast cancer. Not everyone does. That is part of the journey and the education. 

I am a breast cancer survivor. Everyone doesn't survive this disease (though more of us do than you might think). The experience of going through breast cancer treatment makes all the difference between thinking you know what its like, and really knowing what it is like to be diagnosed with breast cancer and to undergo treatment for it.  

I've been blogging strictly from my experience and sharing things as I've encountered them (or remembered them) and now that I am a few years beyond the end of my treatment, I realize that while I am reasonably well-versed in cancer-ology (laughs) most of the world is not. And when it touches your life (either personally or through a loved one's diagnosis), there is a lot to learn. Fast.

Since I am "experienced" with breast cancer intimately. And since I love blogging, I will take your hand and help you to understand this disease to the best of my ability. I am not a physician and if you have medical questions, PLEASE seek medical attention for a complete diagnosis and to understand YOUR cancer. Every cancer is different and has a different plan for treatment. The choices I made were based on the options available to me. Your plan might be completely different. 

Your life will always be different. But that is okay. 

The day that you learn that you (or your loved one) has been diagnosed with breast cancer, everything changes.  But, the newly diagnosed person is still the same person. They just have a new challenge to face.  

I want your questions and your concerns

I'm not a counselor or a medical professional. I am a survivor who cares though. And I know that there are questions that you want to ask but may not know where to turn. Feel free to connect with me and I will do my best to answer your questions or point you in the right direction if I can't answer them.

You can leave me a comment below, send me an email, connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+. The links to all of those connections are on this page. 

You're welcome to contact me in any way just to say hello or share a joke... whatever. We're in this together. 

The phases of Nicole: before cancer, during chemo, after my mastectomy and the final product. Me again!

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