Black women needed for a breast tissue bank in Indiana

Black women needed for a breast tissue bank in Indiana | My Fabulous Boobies

Breast cancer, black women and research needs

I read an interesting article recently about a breast tissue bank in Indianapolis. The KTB (Komen Tissue Bank) at Indiana University collects normal breast tissue and blood from volunteers for use in their research into breast cancer.

As a survivor who is highly concerned about the high mortality rates for black women, the news of this repository excited me. I had no idea that it existed. Of all groups of women affected by breast cancer, black women are the most likely to die from this disease. That makes research into finding a cure, understanding metastatic breast cancer and awareness activities a high priority (to me).

The tissue bank is in dire need of breast tissue from black women. Without enough samples to utilize, some clinical trials and research projects are unable to be completed or are delayed for years while the bank slowly gathers the necessary tissue.

I can't tell how how sad that made me. My pink ribbon sisters are DYING... and what is needed to help them is for my black sisters in or around IU to give samples to the tissue bank. I don't know the details of what is required in order for someone to make a donation. However, I do know that there is a deadline looming.

From the Indiana Reporter article:
The next mass tissue collection is Nov. 8. and Ridley-Merriweather has a goal of collecting tissue from at least 50 African-American women. Those interested can contact the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center for further details and preparation.

Time for tough love

I know that there are many of us in the black community who have reservations about trusting the medical community based on history. Incidents like the Tuskegee Experiment and even Henrietta Lacks, serve as reminders that too often in this country, black people were not treated humanely and as though they had no power of choice in whether or not to participate in clinical trials. I won't be insulting and pretend that these practices were not barbaric, inhumane and insulting. They were. There is no excuse for it and I am only grateful that the history has been revealed to show that these atrocities happened.

We have been WRONGED by the American  medical community.  That is a fact of history.

Yet as a survivor of breast cancer, and as a sister who has grieved the deaths of too many black pink ribbon sisters (and grieved the diagnosis of far too many as well)... I beg you to consider making a tissue or blood donation to the tissue bank.

The only way to stop this disease is through research. And the only way research will prevail that affects our relationship with breast cancer is that the research can go forth. The tissue bank NEEDS black women (with and without breast cancer) to step up and make a difference. If you live anywhere near the Komen Tissue Bank, please consider doing this.

Black women needed for a breast tissue bank in Indiana | My Fabulous Boobies

For more information:  Komen Tissue Bank IU

Black women greatly needed for Komen breast tissue bank

*Disclosure: I have consulted with the Komen Foundation on matters concerning blogging and social media. I am NOT a paid spokesperson for the organization in any way. All opinions about Komen are my own. *

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