1st MFB Holiday Guide Coming Soon...

Are you ready for the holidays yet??

*Cue the happy dance*

This is how I feel when I think about the holidays! This is the joy before the realization of all the work that it takes to make the holidays POP!

But right now?? I am here for it.

So, in honor of my current state of joy and bliss... I've decided to create the:

MFB Holiday Guide, for the clueless and gift-challenged among us. 

Don't be disturbed by the title. That's a work in progress. But it is what's on my mind. I'll be honest, buying gifts, good gifts, is hard in the best of circumstances. However, if you are budget-conscious (who isn't these days) or if you're having difficulty trying to figure out what to get your favorite breast cancer survivor (or other really nice person in your life)...

I'm here to help!

Disclaimer:  I am not the shopping guru. I promise you, I'm not. I will melt down at the mall in a minute. Don't believe me? Ask my man about that time, early in our dating.... when I LOST. IT. at the mall. Actually... don't ask him. He's still traumatized. Poor thing. (I'm still apologizing for that...)

Anyhoo... Nic Nac is not Queen of the Mall. But I can sometimes get it right. And even better, I am often approached by companies and small businesses to test and review their products. Some of them are great. Some of them are not. I will only recommend the great ones. I promise.

So, I'm in the final stages of creating the first annual "My Fabulous Boobies: Holiday Gift Guide". I want you to have it as soon as possible so that you can prepare yourself for Black Friday... or Cyber Monday (whichever is your preference).

It will be fabulous... cuz this is the Fabulous Boobies blog after all. It won't be full of cheesy boobie joke gifts either (though those do make me giggle, a lot). I will have it available as a downloadable document with interactive links (where possible) just to make the shopping experience easier for you, as well as a normal blog post.

Now... this is my FIRST TIME creating a holiday guide. If its not as fancy-schmancy as your other favorite blogger (who isn't me)... well... try it anyway! LOL. I'm trying to make it great and bring you gift ideas that you may not have considered. It will be cool.


OFFER:  If you are a small business owner and you want to submit something for consideration... hurry, hurry, hurry! Send me an email right away [Click here to email Nic Nac] and let me know what you've got. If you can get it to me within a few days, it might make the guide.

In the subject line please put:  MFB Holiday Gift Guide Submission.
You really don't want it to get lost in my inbox.

That's it. Hold on! I've got some really cool gift ideas for you to consider.

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