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Reclaim Your Fabulousness!

My first ebook... ever! Eek!

OMG... I am entirely too excited right now. And a bit nauseated. If you've known me for longer than a minute, then you know that I've been writing forever. And I've been writing "a book" forever.

Yeah. That long.

The truth is that I've started many books. But I haven't finished any of them. Well, not until now. This is my first book that I have completed.

I did it!

The completion of this tiny handbook marks a great moment in my life. Completion of something that I started. I describe the book below, but suffice it to say... I'm entirely thrilled and happy and I hope that it helps a lot of people, the way that it helped me.

If you're feeling a bit stuck in your life... not feeling completely like the fabulous person you used to be... this book will help you.

You, my wonderful fabulous reader-friend... know that I believe in you, like I believe in myself. If I can find my way out of the blah-ness and back into FABULOUSNESS,  then I know you can too.

Let's get it.


Over the years since my diagnosis, I've struggled to maintain my feeling of "me" that I felt was lost during the two years I was being treated for this disease. I was thrust into a world that I didn't know, with language I didn't understand and a lot of very frightening medications, surgeries and treatments... all to save my life.

I went from a relatively happy-go-lucky girl looking for love and searching for the courage to write books... to a very sick young woman who lost the ability to have children, lost a breast, lost some hair, lost a relationship... I lost ME somewhere along the way. The medical team treated the breast cancer and then said "Good luck with the rest of your life". But I had no idea who I was anymore, or what I had been fighting against this disease for.

I was alive... but I had no idea who I was or what I could look forward to.

This book, Reclaim Your Fabulousness! outlines the steps that I took to get back to who I was and who I wanted to be. Everything in this book was something that I actually did for myself to get to where I am today... a confident, excited-about-my-life-again, breast cancer survivor.

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