Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact

Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact | My Fabulous Boobies

I love Kendrick Lamar!

Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact | My Fabulous Boobies

I just have to get that out there, right up front because I am a big fan of this young man's music. For an "old school" chick, I've been a fan for awhile (I'm not new to this)... to the youngsters hip to the underground scene, I was late. Either way... I became a fan the FIRST time I heard him perform. The set he did with Dr. Dre at Coachella a few years ago was magic. I was sprung at that moment.


In the few years that I've been following him, I've become more mesmerized by his growth as an artist, his work ethic and the fact that he works with a purpose. He doesn't seem to be in the music game just because he wants to be popular and make a lot of money -- though that is happening at an exponentially rapid pace -- but he has stories to tell.

Stories to tell... 

That's the part that makes his music, for me, perfectly splendid. Each song is a complete story on its own. And his first album was actually like an audio version of a novel or a movie. He set the scenes with each song and the interludes and each song was like a new chapter in the story. It was (is) fantastic.

I love this young man's music. 

Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact | My Fabulous Boobies

His last first album came out a couple of years ago now and fans have been waiting for awhile for the new album to drop. As a writer and creative, I feel sort of badly because I know that you can't always rush the muse. She comes when she comes and sometimes your ideas may not come together as easily as you hoped. That said... I'm ravenous for new music.

So far, he's dropped one single... " i " and I loved it. It is upbeat and expressive. It has a different edge to it from his previous music. It shows a lot of growth to me...

But this post is about the new song "Untitled" that he performed on The Colbert Report in December. As the show's last musical guest... he sent it off with fireworks. The song is amazing. I had to watch the video a few times, closing my eyes after awhile just to listen to the story... and wow. He blew me away.

Untitled ... pure genius

The song is a conversation where he contrasts the worldview of minorities in America with the worldview of the majority (white people). I think it would be fair to say that he's really contrasting the views of capitalists (the recording industry specifically) versus others with much less capital (namely the artists). But it works.

Why the song resonates for me

I'm a writer. And as a writer who is working alone, I have all the autonomy I need to create when and how I want. But I often consider how things would change if I worked for someone else, or had a traditional publishing house working with my manuscripts. When someone else is cutting the checks, you have to dance the way they want you to. Kendrick references putting his own price on his talent and cashing out for himself. He references shooting himself into a rocket ship and aiming for the stars.

In this world we're in today, the ability for any one of us to be our own creator, publisher, distributor and marketing team cheaply means that more of us are able to start our own businesses and chase our own dreams. And earn money directly from our own efforts. That part is fantastic. It is a lot of work being on your own, and there is a lot to learn besides the skills you have to create your masterpieces. But it is possible to build your own empire. The more that I watch others build their own business empires on their own terms... the more confidence I have in what I'm doing here.

Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact | My Fabulous Boobies

What started as one quiet blog for friends and family members... is growing into all the dreams I ever had of owning and running my own business. It is hard work but I won't change any part of it. As a breast cancer survivor, for a long time I thought that other survivors were somehow more special than I was because they came through the storm with new energy and new purpose and seemed to just take on the world. I didn't feel that way. But as I talked to more and more survivors, I realized that I wasn't the only one struggling with bills and trying to find a way to live the life of my dreams... while keeping myself going in this new normal life.

It finally dawned on me that writing was the way for me to follow my dreams. It may be something different for you, but I feel confident that we all can map out a path to our own greatness. Listening to Kendrick reminds me of the possibilities. A kid from Compton has become the world's greatest rapper (arguably). If he can believe that and achieve it... then surely I can believe that a young woman who survived breast cancer can become an award-winning writer. An internet sensation. Or something like that.

Its a new year, time to put a price on my talent and shoot for the stars.

Put a price on my talent, I hit the bank and withdraw
Hit the bank and withdraw, hit the bank and withdraw
Put myself in the rocket ship and I shot for the stars

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