#IMNOANGEL but I'm loving Lane Bryant's new campaign

#ImNoAngel | My Fabulous Boobies

Lane Bryant's new campaign is amazing!  #IMNOANGEL

The internet is buzzing about the new advertising campaign that Lane Bryant has launched for their lingerie line, Cacique. Beautiful, sexy, curvy women of all shapes looking strong, secure and hella sexy in their lingerie. The hashtag, #IMNOANGEL is a poke at Victoria's Secret and their tendency to show their models walking the runway with angel wings. I think it's absolutely delicious.

You can't be surprised that I love it though. I mean, I'm the founder of a blog named My Fabulous Boobies... being cheeky and supporting outside of the box concepts of what determines beauty is sort of my thing.

I'm in love. If you haven't seen the advertisement yet, please check out the video below. And... as an incentive for you to check out their site and buy something... I'm going to let you know that Lane Bryant is having a FABULOUS sale right now until the end of the month. You've got until April 30th to grab something good.

My goodness... these ladies are gorgeous! I just love this.

#ImNoAngel | My Fabulous Boobies

Lane Bryant

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