What You Need For Your Chemo/Treatment Bag (Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients)

Chemo Day Tote Bag Graphic | Fabulous Boobies Blog by Nicole McLean

What to take with you to chemo (or for your treatment day) when you may be there all day!

Going to the oncologist/cancer center can take a long time 

The one thing I wasn't quite prepared for was the length of time I would end up spending at the hospital when I was being treated for breast cancer. Prior to my diagnosis, a trip to the doctor lasted maybe an hour - and most of that time was in the waiting room waiting to be seen and filling out paperwork. Welp... it is NOT that way when you're being treated for cancer.

There is the waiting room time. Then if you're having a chemotherapy infusion that can take HOURS on top of your waiting room time before you're called to the back. My infusions took about 5 hours. Before you get to the infusion area though, they have to take your fluids and run the tests for your vitals. And then you have to spend a little time with your oncologist or a nurse.

Real talk, chemo days felt like going to work. Just long, long days. Lots of hours. Lots of talking to various people. And I wasn't really feeling great. I was tired, sluggish and all of that too. Just a lot of a lot!

What I learned quickly was that I needed stuff with me so that I wasn't bored while sitting and waiting so much. And sometimes I needed a snack or a drink. Eventually, I realized that it just made sense to have a "chemo bag" prepared in advance so that I could just grab it on the way to the cancer center.

I packed my portable DVD player or my laptop, my headphones, socks or a sweater, a travel size blanket, a few snacks and something to drink. My oncology center did have a few snacks but we're not talking about anything fancy. Crackers and apple juice. That's it. The cafeteria was on the other side of the hospital and kind of expensive.

Packing a little something to eat helped. I could pack exactly what I knew I would like to eat and drink. Enough to share with my wing-man for the day too.

This chart is a starting point for your own chemo bag. Now, be clear, you don't have to use it just for chemotherapy. You may not be receiving that kind of treatment. But radiation therapy days can be long - and they are every day. Follow up appointments after surgery. That sort of thing.

You don't have to have everything on this list. In fact, it's probably best that you don't because that would be one HUGE bag. Just cover your basics. Pick and choose what will work for you.

Gift ideas

If you're not the one in treatment for breast cancer, you can always gather these items and put them together into a really nice gift for the person you love who is going through it.

I've included links to some of my favorite items below. You don't have to choose these items (though I don't think you'll be disappointed if you do) but similar items will be useful.

Keep in mind

Metal eating utensils are not good for folks in chemotherapy. The metal contradicts with the medication from her chemo and ruins the taste of her food. Her appetite may already be iffy and the slightest change in taste will just make it easier not to eat. We don't want that. So choosing wood or plastic utensils will help her to retain a pleasant eating experience.

A tote bag with sections or pockets will be easier for her to use for all of the various things that she's going to want with her.

When shopping for blankets, sweaters, scarves, hats or socks you're looking for the fluffiest, softest items you can find. Soft, soft, soft, soft. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgeries, etc. all make her skin and her fingertips and toes really sensitive. Nothing rough or scratchy, please. Even if it's pretty.

Remove tags too. Those can be super irritating as well. Her skin will be extremely fragile and prone to scratches or irritations. We definitely don't want anything that may hurt her or make her more vulnerable to infections (and broken skin is vulnerable to bacteria).

Chemo Day Tote Bag Infographic | Fabulous Boobies Blog by Nicole McLean

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