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Scripted: What to say when she's diagnosed with breast cancer by Nicole Mclean

Scripted: What to say when she's diagnosed with breast cancer

Scripted came about because I found myself giving the same information over and over again to people who felt bad because someone they knew was diagnosed with breast cancer and they didn't know what to say or how to help. They wanted to help and to show support but they didn't know how and were afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. I was asked to create a script for someone - exact words and ideas that they could use in dealing with their loved one. And that's how this book started. Initially written as an e-book, Scripted is about to be updated and published as a physical book. The updated version will be expanded and offer more scripts and ideas, charts, checklists and more.

Reclaim Your Fabulousness

Originally published in 2015 as an ebook, Reclaim Your Fabulousness is a guide to help survivors reconnect with themselves and their body. When you're diagnosed with breast cancer you see a lot of doctors and medical workers. Someone is always asking to look at your body, look at your chest. After a few weeks of this, I found myself becoming detached from my body. Strangers were constantly looking at one of my most private parts of myself. They were not doing bad things, and I understood that they needed to see me in order to treat me but it was still awkward. Until I learned to detach myself and then it was fine. But I had to do that for almost 2 years - while I went through treatment. At the end of my treatment, I realized that I struggled to look at my breasts. For months, I only looked at myself in pieces. I looked at my face and neck area in the mirror over my sink. I only looked at myself from the mid-chest to waist area on down in my full-length mirror. People expected me to snap back into the old me - but I couldn't. I wasn't the same. I wasn't even able to look at myself. I felt broken. I used some tools to help me to reconnect with myself and Reclaim Your Fabulousness is basically what I did to pull myself together. Simple tools, simple things to do - affirmations, the mirror talk, and more - helped me to reconnect with the lady in the mirror. And it will help you too. Reclaim Your Fabulousness is also being expanded and published in printed form.

Coming Soon!!

The Pink Planner is coming! One of the things that I did instinctively as I started my breast cancer journey was create a system for keeping track of all the different things that I needed to track: doctor appointments, surgical appointments, notes and questions for my medical team that popped up between visits, insurance questions and concerns, phone call and email correspondence with insurance company and with my company's HR department. I also kept a small journal with me daily where I tracked my medications, my food intake, my poops (yes... I needed to know this), side effects from medication, sleep issues/insominia, etc. I kept track of when I changed my drains after surgeries, and I kept track of my weight fluctuations. No one told me to do this, but after a few appointments I was so overwhelmed with all the information that my oncologist wanted to know... and that I just could not remember when sitting in his office. I needed to write it down and keep track of it because it was necessary information but I just couldn't remember it. My system worked but it was sort of bootleg and it wasn't cohesive. I used my calendar on my computer, a journal, a 3 ring binder plus a few folders to keep it all together. As I've been consulting with other survivors, I've taught them my "breast cancer bible planning system" and it has helped. I realized that I could pull together my system into one book that can be used to keep most of the information in one place. This planner is good for survivors in treatment and also post-treatment survivors. If you are post-treatment you may not have as many appointments to schedule but you may still want to keep everything concerning your journey in one place. This planner helps to keep all of your information in one place.

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